"Y-GUI" (© Omid Khajeh Mahabadi) is an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed by O.K. Mahabadi of the Geomechanics Group @ U of T for the "Y2D" research code of Munjiza. It has been coded using Microsoft Visual C# 2005.

The GUI can be readily used to conveniently input the data required in the Y2D code such as time step size, interaction buffer zone, material properties, and boundary conditions, as well as to graphically work on the mesh, for instance assigning material properties to the mesh elements and boundary / initial conditions to the nodes. Simple mesh manipulation tools are also available. These include, moving a node of a mesh or translating selected nodes, dynamically drawing mesh elements and nodes, and also merging two separate meshes. For a full list of the features, refer to the Features & Interface page.

For the ease of use, the interface is divided into several sections mainly using tab pages for different data input and graphics, as described here.

Note that before coding this graphical user interface, setting up a standard Y2D input file of a simulation was indeed a challenging and time-consuming task, involving various try-and-errors. Now, with the GUI, instead of struggling for hours, a model can be set up in a much faster manner.

(for more information about the required data, visit the data structure page).