In Situ Fracturing Mechanics Stress Measurements To Improve Underground Quarry Stability Analyses

Anna M. Ferrero, Maria R. Migliazza, Andrea Segalini University of Parma, Italy
Gian P. Giani University of Milan, Italy


DEM Study Of The Mechanical Behavior Of A Leached Interface Upon Shearing

C. Lambert CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia
O. Buzzi & A. Giacomini Centre for Geotechnical and Materials Modelling, University of Newcastle, Australia


Deriner Hydropower Scheme Geotechnical Issues And The Particular Case Of The Spillway Tunnels Design And Construction

C. Cekerevac & A. Wohnlich STUCKY SA, Renens, Switzerland
Ph. Bellwald Former with STUCKY SA, Independent Consultant, Aigle, Switzerland


Study On Feasibility Of Columnar Jointed Basalt As A High-Arch Dam Foundation

Wei Yun-Jie,Tao Lian-Jin,Wang Wen-pei Key Laboratory of Urban Security and Disaster Engineering, Ministry of Education, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing , China
Tang Ming-fa East China Investigation and Design Institute, Hangzhou, China