Mitigation Plans for Mining in Highly Burst-Prone Ground Conditions at Vale Inco Copper Cliff North Mine

Mike Yao Chief Ground Control Engineer, Mine Technical Services, Vale Inco, Sudbury, Canada
D. Reddy Chinnasane Ground Control Specialist, Copper Cliff North Mine, Vale Inco, Sudbury, Canada
Dunn Harding Ground Control Engineer, Mine Technical Services, Vale Inco, Sudbury, Canada


Investigation On The Mechanism Of Coal Mine Bumps And Relating Microscopic Experiments

Y.X. Zhao & Y.D. Jiang State Key Lab of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, P.R. China


Estimating Rock Mass Properties And Seismic Response Using Higher Order, Discontinuous, Finite Element Models

D.A. Beck, M. J. Pfitzner, S.M. Arndt and B. Fillery Beck Arndt Engineering Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia


Geomechanics Strategies For Rockburst Management At Vale Inco Creighton Mine

F. Malek, P.Eng.; M.A.Sc. Rock Mechanics Supervisor, Creighton Mine, Vale Inco, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
F. T. Suorineni, Ph.D., P. Vasak, Ph.D. candidate MIRARCO, Geomechanics Research Centre, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Difficult mining conditions in 153 Orebody at a depth of 4550 ft at Vale Inco’s Coleman Mine

Z. Hosseini, R. Lewis Vale Inco Limited, Sudbury, Canada


Global Approach to Managing Deep Mining Hazards

R.P. Bewick, P.Eng. Golder Associates Ltd. Sudbury, ON, Canada
B. Valley, Ph.D. MIRARCO, Sudbury, ON, Canada
S. Runnalls, P.Eng., J. Whitney, P.Eng., & Y. Krynicki, P.Eng. Vale Inco Garson Mine, Sudbury, ON, Canada


Modeling of mining-induced seismicity migration

G. Wang a, P.K. Kaiser b & P. Vasak a
a Geomechanics Research Centre, MIRARCO, Laurentian Univ., Sudbury, Ont.,Canada
b Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Prevention and Control of Rockbursts in Dongguashan Copper Mine

L. Tang Central South University, Changsha, P. R. China
K. Xia University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


Weak Rock Mass Span Design – Best Practices

A. Ouchi & R. Pakalnis University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
T. Brady NIOSH, Spokane, USA